Digital skill development

iVentures Consulting has developed expertise in the creation and animation of Digital Skills development programs for various populations within firms.

iVentures consulting develops and trains all employee levels within a company to acquire a founded Digital Skill Set:

Populations Objectives
Executive Committee/ Management team Develop Digital view, inspire and challenge teams
Heads of digital Challenge teams and learn to manage a P&L
Operational Digital experts Develop a digital expertise (E-Commerce, CRM, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Analytics …)
People working with Digital teams Better understanding of the Digital field and improved working environment within teams

iVentures Consulting has the ability to:

  • Identify digital knowledge and needs for each population of the company.
  • Identify digital knowledge and needs for each population of the company.
  • Define skills development plan ie. identify themes, means and programs for each population. Examples:
    • Reverse mentoring: short one to one monthly sessions between and Execs and a digital native.
    • Learning expeditions: travel and sessions at the Digital heart to understand and feel the innovation and trends and exchange with business experts.
    • Digital days & workshops: effective and creative way to learn and share best practices, build and understand Business cases, create and work on new business models etc.
    • Digital tribunes: short sessions during which experts and early adopters come to evangelize on a specific digital field.

For each program, iVentures proposes to define key success factors and establish a pilot. At the end of each pilot, a qualitative and quantitative return of experience analysis is organized to measure ROI and decide for deployment.