Digital skill development: Case Studies

Group Digital Academy for a worldwide leader of Luxury & Lifestyle products

Question asked by the Management Committee:

  • How to develop the digital culture and skills of our leaders and teams?

Project: Group Digital Academy

  • Digital knowledge and needs assessment for 5 priority population.
  • Objective and programs definition for each population (workshops, learning expeditions, internships, reverse mentoring…).
  • Deployment planning for 450 people over 2 years in 14 countries.
  • Identification of 18 experts/trainers in charge of deployment.
  • Pilot deployment and return of experience.

Digital Reverse Mentoring Program for the Management Committee of the oil and gas worldwide leader

Question asked by the Executive Committee:

  • How to transform our management committee members into digital ambassadors on day to day usage of digital solutions?

Project: Digital Reverse Mentoring Program

  • Identification of needs for Management Committee
  • Mentors selection (within company’s young champions) and training
  • Reverse mentoring Program deployment on the Management Committee
  • Mentor community animation over 6 months
  • Return of experience
  • Worldwide deployment on the Top 100/300

All Ambassadors Program for the European leader in energy equipment

Questions asked by the CEO:

  • How to increase customer satisfaction while improving our project delivery and profitability?

Project: All Ambassadors Program

  • Customer satisfaction evaluation and customer journey definition.
  • Creation of All Ambassadors program, deployment process and contents.
  • Pilot on 2 siteplants (280 people in Germany/ France).
  • Return of experience and All Ambassadors deployment on 2500 people, 3 years and 21 countries.