The mission of iVentures Consulting  is to be at the cutting edge of innovation, supporting our clients with the best possible expertise.

We support your projects from initial strategy definition to its implementation by working with both your Management Committee and digital teams.


Among questions asked by the Management Committees of our clients, the most frequent are:

Questions related to company or group strategy:

  • Where do we stand in regards to our digital strategy?
  • What should our digital strategy be?
  • Should we do E-Commerce and if yes, in which country and how?
  • What is our business model and when will we break even?
  • What is our road map and what will the main steps of our development be?
  • Which eServices should we implement and how should we move forward (acquisition, partnership, development from scratch)?
  • Which eCRM strategy should we implement?
  • What should we do in Social Media and how?
  • What should we do in Mobile and how?

Questions related to the organization:

  • What should our Group bring to our brands in the Digital field?
  • How should we organize our future digital ecosystem?
  • How should we organize our company to improve the management and implementation of our digital strategy?
  • Which resources and teams should we put in place?
  • Which KPI, business plan and P&L should we set up?

Questions related to acquisition and restructuring:

  • Which companies should we acquire and how much should we pay? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these companies?
  • Is the company sustainable in long term?
  • How should we integrate this company into our organization to maximize the efficiency on both sides?

iVentures Consulting’s answers are brought thanks to:

  • An experienced team with a broad spectrum of expertise:
    • iVentures forms consultant teams according to the needs and skills required by the client: knowledge of relevant consulting techniques, customer industries and management levels.
    • A client team formed by members of the management committee and members of the Digital Team.
  • A collaborative and flexible methodology based on levers and tools.