Consulting : Case studies

Client: Leading International Luxury Group

Questions asked by the Management Committee:

  • Where is our Group in its digital strategy?
  • Where are our brands in the Digital field?
  • How can our Group help our brands?
  • Which organization should we set up?

Project main phases:

  • Digital Strategy audit of all Internet strategies, organizations and competencies within the Group and its 50 subsidiaries.
  • Digital Strategy and organizational recommendations at the Group, Divisions and subsidiary levels.
  • Group Digital team co-creation.
  • Support to 2 divisions and 3 brands.

Client: Leading International Fashion Brand

Questions asked by the Management Committee:

  • What should our digital strategy be?
  • Should we do eCommerce and if yes in which countries and how?
  • What should we do in Social media and how should we start?

Project main phases:

  • Brand and competitors’ Digital Strategy analysis.
  • Decision workshop with the Executive Committee.
  • Strategic plan, customer journeys and pre-specifications intended for Digital and Social Media agencies.
  • Support in the selection of adequate digital and social media agencies.

Client: Leading International News Agency

Questions asked by the Management Committee:

  • How to reposition our American Digital subsidiary in order to align it with our core business and improve its profitability?
  • Which partnerships or acquisitions should we sign to increase our income on several verticals?

Project main phases:

  • Redefining the strategy of the Digital Subsidiary, business planning and restructuring.
  • Interim management of this subsidiary (1 year): Strategic Marketing, Business Development and Finance.
  • Identification of potential target companies for acquisition on 10 verticals.

Client: Leading European Railway company (digital subsidiary)

Question asked by the Management Committee:

  • Which actions should we prioritize for the next 3 years to become the European leader in our field of business?

Project main phases:

  • Support in the definition of new services and products.
  • Identification of potential target companies to be acquired in European countries.
  • Development of a three year road map and business plan.
  • Due diligence and support in the acquisition of an European company.

Client: European VC

Questions asked by the fund management team:

  • Should we invest in the Europe’s leading online dating company?

Due diligence main phases:

  • Strategic analysis of the target company, its market and competitors.
  • Critical review of national and international growth trends and assumptions.
  • Analysis of the organizational and technical structures.
  • Company valuation through multiple methods.
  • Formulation of strategic recommendations.

Client: Worldwide Leader in Energy Transmission and Distribution Equipment

Question asked by the Management Committee:

  • How to develop a customer oriented culture and processes throughout the whole of the organization?

Change management plan main phases:

  • Support in the front and back office organization implementation on 38 countries and products.
  • Identification and implementation of a new and broader scope of core competencies.
  • Internal communication plan (targeting 10,000 people).
  • Skill set and training development plan and training session deployment .